9 Learning Blocks!

On the very first day that  our democratic community was born, we decided to divide the day into 1/2 hour learning blocks.  Anyone, we thought could stick with something (even if it was boring) for a half an hour.   We thought wrong.    On that very first day there were so many problems and  we took seemingly forever to solve the problems, that I believe we managed only  two completed blocks.  On the third day, I think we managed three.   Our reading mentor would walk in and think this is all nonsense because we were always having problems.  Growing pains, I countered.  It’s bound to get better.  Just wait and see.

Sure enough,  ay when he walked in to see the smooth running class he was pleasantly surprised.  He watched as students were engaged in a variety of activites, engrossed in what they were doing.  A far cry from the seeming mayhem that was happening barely a week before.

And today.  This glorious day.  Just our eighth day into our democratic school,  we managed to complete 9 learning blocks!  By the time the eighth rolled around I was so excited I high-fived all the students that were in the rooms (some were in specials).  They thought I was crazy.  What’s she so happy about ?

We did it!  You did it!  You wrote a plan and stuck with it without too much todoo (we had some minor problems, which we cleared up rather quickly)  and we completed our day!

We still have a long way to go but every milestone on the journey is worth a little celebration.


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