A lovely place to be

The quiet “academic” room is a lovely place to be (sorry Silvia–who has the noiser but not loud non-academic room).  The students who come there have a clear task, and they pretty much get to their work.  While they are not always 100% on task, they actually don’t bother anyone else who is.  There are students reading, writing, on the computer, writing an assessment, etc.  They quietly ask for help when needed, and they have the peace and quiet needed to focus on their learning.  Those who would ordinarily be interrupting and disrupting, are in the other room playing chess, doing other critical thinking “games,”  listening to a read aloud, or something else they have chosen and pretty much actually do.  If no one needs my help, I can get my own work and planning done.  We are all working side by side effectively and comfortably.  Now that is the way school should feel!

Worst times are transitions, as groups come and go.  But even that is getting better.


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