Another day in regular school

At 1:30 I observed my students.  One student was diligently finishing her assessment.  Two others were working on theirs slowly, while looking around the room at nothing in particluar, five were looking at the Washington DC books that were loaned and given to us by Kathy Englehart, a colleague’s mom and the Mary Poppins of librarians, and they were also making their list of must-see destinations for our Washingto DC trip.  One student was fast asleep on her desk.  One student was playing with R0cky,  the class guinea pig, feeding it peanuts.  (Are guinea pigs even allowed to eat peanuts?)  And two others were just chatting even though they have work that they could be doing to “boost”   their grades on their report card.

I said to my students – this is like unschool- and I pointed out what everyone was doing.  They just shrugged their shoulders and went back to what they were doing.

I wonder if I allowed freedom and choice for the year what would they choose?  How long will they have to be “bored”  until something sparks their interest?  I had one student today beg me for little jobs because he did not know what to do with himself.  Nothing interested him (except video games).  I found that sad.

I am already thinking that I should plan sensory overload next year.  Schedule a week of field trips at he beginning of the year to museums, businesses, nature centers,…and perhaps  they will latch onto something.  Or is that me controlling again?

I am fearful because I am not quite sure how to balance  my responsibility for their education and my desire to free them from my teacher-centered disguised as student-centered ways.


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